Latin for Children Primer A - Clash Cards

Latin for Children Primer A - Clash Cards

Classical Latin, Creatively Taught

by Aaron Larsen, Dr. Christopher A. Perrin
Version 3.2, ©2006, ISBN: 9781600510601
Consumable Workbook, 191 pages
Current Retail Price: $26.95

Tired of boring, dull flash cards? Prepare for a new experience with the flash cards that play like a card game!

Clash Cards are designed to be helpful, easy-to-use flash cards, but that’s just the beginning. Clash Cards is also a card game that makes reinforcing vocabulary words fun and exciting. Students test their knowledge as they play a challenging game of rivalry between the four seasons. As word skills and wild weather collide, who will emerge victorious?


  • 240 high frequency vocabulary words
  • Full-color design
  • 3 levels of play
  • Customizable deck
  • Play against opponents who might be playing with different words or even different languages!

The words used in this deck match with the vocabulary used in Latin for Children, Primer A, and are some of the words of highest frequency in Latin, so the cards can be used by any student wishing to practice the most common words, regardless of curriculum or course of study.

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