Latin Alive! Book 3 - DVD Set

Latin Alive! Book 3 - DVD Set

Price: $109.95

Latin Alive! Book 3 includes lessons on Roman culture, myths, and history, as well as Latin readings and exercises that will prepare students for the National Latin Exam and the Latin Advanced Placement Exam. It also features original Latin writings.

Karen Moore continues her excellent Latin instruction in the Latin Alive! 3 DVD & CD Set. There are sixteen lessons on the DVD to be watched with each new content chapter in the Latin Alive! Book 3 text. Each lesson is an average of forty minutes bringing the total length to over nine hours of instruction, taught by an enthusiastic and delightful teacher! The DVD set is highly recommended for homeschoolers or students in independent study. The set also features an audio CD of the Unit Review Latin Readings, so that students can practice proper pronunciation and accent.

Buying for a school? The Latin Alive! 3 DVD & CD Set is a great tool for the classroom! It can be used as:

A helpful resource for new Latin teachers both for themselves and for the class
A substitute teacher when the regular teacher is away
A library item helpful for new students or for students needing extra review

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