Last Little Cat

Last Little Cat

by Meindert DeJong
Trade Paperback, 70 pages
Price: $11.90

The winner of the 1954 Newbery Award wrote this story decades ago.

The last little cat was born in a kennel, surrounded by dogs and dog cages and dog noises. The little cat was always half cold and half hungry—until the day it fell into the cage of the old, blind dog.

Then, for a while, the last little cat was warm, and the last, little cat was well-fed. But how could such a small cat know that barn doors are closed at night and that there are people in the world who do not want to help a helpless kitten?

This story of how the last little cat found a home, and not only a home, but the perfect home, again confirms Meindert DeJong's place among the finest writers of this or any day.

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