Last Battle

Last Battle

The Treegate Chronicles #7
by Leonard Wibberley
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Leonard Wibberley concludes here the saga (begun in Leopard's Prey and Red Pawns) of the Treegate Family during the War of 1812. Manly Treegate has become captain of the brig Wild Duck in the young United States Navy. He has orders to seize any British shipping sighted in West Indian Waters—and he does so with help of his old friend Gubu, leader of a band of pirate "Brethern". Among Manly's crew is young Peter Treegate, often chafing under the discipline of a captain who is also his older brother, but determined to follow the family tradition of service.

Meanwhile, Major Peter Treegate, uncle of the young Navy men, is meeting with dangers of his own as he experiences the war from the European side, seeking French help for the new government.

The two Peter Treegates are reunited in the decisive engagement of New Orleans, Christmas 1814, when Andrew Jackson's forces fight the "big battle".

—from the book

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