Larceny in the Heart

Larceny in the Heart

The Economics of Satan and the Inflationary State

by Rousas John Rushdoony
Trade Paperback, 151 pages
Price: $18.00

Formerly titled The Roots of Inflation, this book was retitled and reprinted in 2002.

Why are the most successful and advanced members of society often deemed to be the criminals? In a word—Envy.

The envious man finds superiority in others intolerable, and he wishes to level and equalize all things. Many sociologists and social scientists turn this hatred and resentment into "virtue" under the guise of "social science" by calling it a demand for fraternity and equality.

In this concise volume, Rushdoony uncovers the larceny in the heart of man and its results: class warfare and a conflict society in which the rise of hostility and envy are seen as steps towards social progress, when in fact they lead to disaster. The political solutions posited lead to an inflationary economy and an overbearing state.

This book is a must-read to gain a biblical understanding of the underlying tenets of this codified coveting and the only certain long-term cure.

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