Language Arts 2

Language Arts 2

Sharpen Grammar Skills and Improve Test Scores

Core Skills Series
Consumable Workbook, 112 pages
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Simple to use, powerful results.

Core Skills: Language Arts provides your child with the tools to master language skills. This easy-to-follow format presents only one skill per page, beginning with the grammatical rule and specific examples that model the activities to follow. Varied exercises allow the learner to practice each skill in different contexts.

This book also features a strong writing section. Helpful tips and targeted activities strengthen the writing skills necessary to succeed on standardized tests. With Core Skills: Language Arts, today's preparation improves tomorrow's performance.

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  Core Skills Language Arts 2
Lynette Isaak of Oregon City, 10/16/2008
This is an overview of all parts of speech, providing a single page of practice on a thorough variety of topics. This concise book covers: parts of speech, sentence agreement, mechanics, vocabulary usage, writing and research skills. An answer key is included in the back. I recommend this as a worthwhile refresher for summer, in preparation for the school year or end-of-year review before testing. This book is not recommended as a daily program for grammar because exposure to each concept is minimal.