Landmark History of the American People Volume 2

Landmark History of the American People Volume 2

Appomattox to the Moon

Landmark Giant #21
by Daniel J. Boorstin (Author)
Publisher: Random House
©1970, Item: 74437
Library Binding, 195 pages
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"For the American People," says Daniel J. Boorstin, "everyday life changed in the century following the Civil War more than the life of earthlings had changed in the thousands years before."

The changes, he points out, were accomplished by a new kind of people: the American Go-Getters. They included outdoor men riding the range ... adventurous miners ... new-style businessmen and storekeepers ... engineers and inventors, eager to build bigger engines than the world had ever seen and machines to turn out new things by the millions.

Mr. Boorstin shows how energetic people from everywhere filled up a new land, carried their new American way of life to far corners of the earth—and then began launching expeditions into outer space.

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