Landmark History of the American People Volume 1

Landmark History of the American People Volume 1

From Plymouth to Appomattox

Landmark Giant #16
by Daniel J. Boorstin
Publisher: Random House
©1968, Item: 71321
Hardcover, 185 pages
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"What does it mean to be an American?" asks Daniel J. Boorstin at the beginning of this book, in which he takes an exciting new look at American History.

"What has been especially American about our ways of living and of earning a living? Our ways of making war and making peace? Our ways of thinking and hoping and fearing, of worshiping God and fighting the Devil? Our ways of traveling and politicking, of importing people, of building houses and cities? These are some of the questions I try to answer in this book."

From the earliest colonists to the men and women of the Civil War, Mr. Boorstin shows how people from everywhere created a New World—and how the New World turned people from everywhere into Americans.

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