Lafayette: French-American Hero

Lafayette: French-American Hero

by Claire Huchet Bishop (Author), Maurice Brevannes (Illustrator)
©1960, Item: 74376
Library Binding, 80 pages
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Everyone in our country used to know who Layfayette was. As a young freedom loving Frenchman, he gave of his time and sacrificed by volunteering with our colonial forces to win against the might of the British Empire. He was appreciated and loved by all Americans for a very long time. You'll be amazed at his inspiring story. 


The exciting adventures of Lafayette's early life are described in vivid settings of medieval castles and the gay, busy life of Paris.

Brave, fearless and generous, Lafayette was immediately sympathetic with the colonists when he heard of the American Revolution. He bought a ship and sailed for America to offer his help. Young children will delight in the story of the "boy general," who was a hero at twenty.

Lafayette helped the cause of freedom not only in America but also later in France. And he helped develop the warm friendship between the two countries.

French-American friendship has a special lived-out meaning for the author, Claire Bishop. This well-known storyteller, lecturer, and children's writer was born in France but now makes her home in New York.

—from the dust jacket

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