A True Blue Story

by Gene Stratton-Porter, Mary E. Gaither (Introduction)
Trade Paperback, 401 pages
Price: $16.95

This is a double tale—the classic poor boy/rich girl romance and the story of a child of nature and her idyllic childhood. Loosely based upon Stratton-Porter's own childhood, Laddie is the story of Little Sister, the twelfth and youngest Stanton child, and her special relationship with her older brother Laddie, a paragon of virtue and intellectual and physical attainments.

The story is about Little Sister, the "unwanted child" who becomes the joy of the Stanton family, and about the triumph of true love. Little Sister plays a key role in bringing together the Princess—their mysterious neighbor, Pamela Pryor—and her beloved brother, Laddie. Love conquers all as the Pryors are revealed to be troubled but good people and the Princess and her family are accepted by Laddie's proud but charitable family. Little Sister is finally recognized as a truly blessed child, a special gift to the Stantons.

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