Kreutzer Sonata

Kreutzer Sonata

and Other Short Stories

Dover Thrift Editions
by Leo Tolstoy
Publisher: Dover Publications
Mass market paperback, 140 pages
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One of the world's greatest novelists, Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) also wrote numerous excellent short stories, three of which are contained in this volume. The Kreutzer Sonata is a penetrating study of jealousy as well as a splendid complaint about the way in which society educates young men and women in matters of sex. In The Death of Ivan Ilych, a symbolic Everyman discovers the inner light of faith and love only when confronted by death. How Much Land Does a Man Need? is a simple, didactic story of peasant life, written by Tolstoy in the wake of a spiritual crisis. All three tales of readers a splendid introduction to Tolstoy's work as well as the focused delights of the short story form brought to a pinnacle in the hands of a master. Unabridged.

Table of Contents:

    How Much Land Does a Man Need?
    The Death of Ivan Ilych
    The Kreutzer Sonata
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