Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Story of the Bible

Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Story of the Bible

by Tim Dowley
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $11.99

Why do we need to know where the Bible came from? There are many appropriate responses, but two stand out: 1) We need to know the origins of the Bible to prove its claims are legitimate, and 2) we ought to have a response prepared for those who deny the authority of Scripture.

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Story of the Bible educates Christian young people on both counts with style and grace. This slim volume contains narrative with beautiful color illustrations, maps, timelines, etc., using truth rather than entertainment to instruct.

Topics include biblical authorship, translation, Gutenberg's printing press, the canonicity debate, and the Reformation effort to bring the Bible to common people in their own languages. Author Tim Dowley has a Ph.D. in Church history, though this text is accessible to a wide range of ages. This makes a great intro/companion volume to The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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Summary: Introduction to the history of the Bible, including translation, texts, and Scriptural authority.

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