Kraken Latin - Teacher Edition

Kraken Latin - Teacher Edition

for the Logic Years 1 (Latin Primer 4)

by Natali H. Monnette
Publisher: Canon Press
Teacher, ©2013, ISBN: 9781591281122
Trade Paperback, 588 pages
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Students in the logic stage (grades 6-8) are no longer content just to memorize chants and vocabulary--they are ready to master the systems that make Latin the most approachable of the classical languages, and to dive into the stories that it the most legendary.


Kraken Latin 1 contains thirty-two weeks' worth of clear teaching on all the indicative tenses, demonstratives, and personal pronouns, weekly worksheets and readings, English-to-Latin and Latin-to-English glossaries, reference charts for each lesson, fun activities, and much more. As she walks students through important grammar, Natali H. Monnette helps junior high students towards reading "real" Latin by integrating adaptations and translations from the Vulgate, Roman history, fun original stories, and classical myths.


Kraken Latin 1 was written for logic stage students, whether advancing from elementary studies or beginning Latin for the first time. For all thirty-two lessons, this Teacher Edition includes helpful notes on grammar and vocabulary, worksheet answer keys, weekly quizzes, unit tests, a full glossary, and other sources, helps, and advice for teaching Latin to junior high students. Face the beast. Learn its grammatical wiles. Master the kraken.

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