Know and Tell

Know and Tell

The Art of Narration

by Karen Glass
Publisher: CreateSpace
217 pages
Price: $15.99

The art of narration is the art of telling. It extends from the oral traditions of ancient cultures to yesterday's headlines. We all want to tell each other things, and shared communication deepens our relationships and enlightens our understanding. Over one hundred years ago, the British educator Charlotte Mason revived narration as a pedagogical method. It was practiced in hundreds of schools and homes during her lifetime, and has enjoyed a resurgence among homeschoolers over the past several decades.

Know and Tell examines the process of narration in life and school. It walks you through the progression of simple telling with young children to developed writing with older pupils. People narrate every day. This book will show you how to make that natural activity a vital part of education that enhances students' understanding and relationship with knowledge, while allowing them to grow into skilled communicators.

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