Armor, Tournaments, Horses, Battles

by Philip Steele
Publisher: Kingfisher
Hardcover, 64 pages
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From the battlefields of Flanders, to the banquet halls of the great English manor houses, this gloriously appointed book offers page after page of splendorous illustration and information. Everything a young person could want to know about knights is included: shields, scutcheons, jousts, castles, sieges, chivalry and fearless steeds, all depicted in a colorful abundance of detailed battlescapes, scenarios and maps.

Topics include the knight's place in feudal society, how he trained for war, his code of honor, heraldry and armor, and famous battles; knights' popular companions including the various types of horses -- chargers, palfreys, hackneys -- and other animals such as mastiffs and carrier pigeons that accompanied them on campaigns; knights in other cultures -- Sioux braves and Polish lancers in the West to Japanese samurai in the East -- and the knight of medieval romances and today's blockbuster films. The knight in shining armor may have disappeared from the battlefield, but rides on in an ageless fascination shared by children and people of all ages. Includes an illustrated glossary and index.

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