Knight of the Lion

Knight of the Lion

by Constance Hieatt, Joseph Low (Illustrator)
©1968, Item: 88729
Hardcover, 70 pages
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When Sir Ywain rode out from Arthur's court to challenge the knight of the enchanted spring, a marvelous series of adventures began.  There were tournaments to fight and fair ladies to defend from peril.

Ywain defeated the fearsome monster Harpin, and rescued his lady's handmaiden from three evil accusers.  At his side trotted always the faithful lion whose life Ywain had saved, a brave and loyal companion in all the knight's adventures and misfortunes.

The quest that had begun at the enchanted spring ended there, too, when Ywain won back the love of the proud lady Laudine.

This tale of the gallant deeds of Ywain and his devoted lion is filled with excitement.  Constance Hieatt's high-spirited story and Joseph Low's lively pictures catch all the flavor of the ancient legend.

—from the dust jacket

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