Knight of the Cart

Knight of the Cart

by Constance Hieatt, John Gretzer (Illustrator)
©1969, Item: 88727
Hardcover, 85 pages
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While Queen Guinevere rode out to gather the first May blossoms, King Arthur and his Round Table pondered the disappearance of numerous citizens of Camelot. To his woe, Arthur soon discovers that the Queen herself has joined that unhappy group.

Guinevere has been captured by the evil prince, Sir Malagant. Lancelot, bravest knight of all, rides to her rescue. When archers wound his horse, he is forced to travel in a farm wagon, earning the dubious title of Knight of the Cart. (It was a very real disgrace to be seen in this vehicle usually reserved for the transport of criminals.)

Despite this inauspicious beginning to his quest, Lancelot pursues the Queen and the punishment of evil with equal gusto and success.  His breathtaking adventures are recounted here by an experienced storyteller wise in the ways of the Middle Ages.

—from the dust jacket

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