Klaus Teuber

Klaus Teuber
A German, Teuber was born on June 25, 1952.  He graduated from college, followed in his father's profession becoming a dental technician, and eventually took over his father's company.  Dentistry, though, is not what Teuber is known for the world over.  At age 36 he created his first family board game called Barbarossa.  This award-winning game marked the beginning of Teuber's career as a German board game designer.

His next successful venture called Adelverpflichtet was distributed worldwide as an original German game, the first of its kind to be marketed and sold as such.  One game led to another.  People responded enthusiastically because they enjoyed playing for shorter amounts of time and having a lot of player interaction.  For the serious gamer, Teuber's games provided enough extras to be thought-provoking as well.  The game that reached America and became extremely popular worldwide was called The Settlers of Catan.  Building on his success, Teuber has produced adult games and card games too.  Awarded four times the Spiel des Jahres for his games, Teuber lives with his wife and family in Darmstadt, Germany.


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Catan: Traders & Barbarians - 5-6 Player Expansion
by Klaus Teuber
from Mayfair Games Inc.
for 7th-Adult