Kitty, My Rib

Kitty, My Rib

Katherine Luther

by E. Jane Mall
Trade Paperback, 173 pages
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Historical Setting: Reformation

Physically, Luther was well, but he was despondent. However, Katharine had a plan . . .

"God is dead?" Luther thundered. What in heaven's name are you talking about?"

"Judging by your actions these past few weeks, I can see that God is dead," she replied. "If he weren't you would use your great faith in Him to help you out of this lethargy."

Luther stared at her for a long time. He put his arms around her. "You helped, Katharine; you helped a great deal."

Katharine Luther, or "Kitty," was the woman behind the great man Martin Luther. From her narrow escape from the Nimbschen convent, to a marriage with an unromantic beginning, Katharine was soon surrounded by Luther's love and became his most-loved "Kitty, my rib." Kitty mellowed Luther's harsher side, kept the household from bankruptcy despite her husband's generosity, and enhanced his life with the joys and fullness of family living.

With warmth and empathy, E. Jane Mall weaves together historical fact and fascinating insight in this exciting, highly readable novel.

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