Kit Carson

Kit Carson

A Discovery Book
by Nardi Reeder Campion, Shannon Stirnweis (Illustrator)
©1963, Item: 36285
Hardcover, 80 pages
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Kit's heart was with the wagon trains he saw leave town, not in the saddler's shop where he worked. How he longed to go West with the wagons! But the first mountain man Kit approached laughed at his suggestion. "What do you think we're running? A nursery? Grow up!"

It was a blow, for Kit knew he'd never be much bigger. Kit was small, but he was strong and determined too. At sixteen, he made his way to the Rockies. There he learned how to trap beaver and to fight Indians. He learned how to get along with Indians too. He was named "Little Chief of the Cheyennes."

Kit became famous for his reckless bravery, for his skill as a hunter and leader of men. As the "Pathfinder's Pathfinder" he helped John Charles Frémont map the Oregon Trail and open up the West.

Nardi Reeder Campion, noted for the vitality of her style and the excellence of her biographies, has written a moving story of big little Kit and his love for the untamed wilderness.

—from the dust jacket

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