King's Book

King's Book

by Louise A. Vernon
Publisher: Herald Press
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
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Historical Setting: England, 17th Century

The King James Bible is surrounded by a mystery. Everyone wants to know who the secret editor is who published the work of 54 different translators?

Before Nat Culver finds answers to his questions, he is plunged into a series of baffling incidents. His father, one of the translators who worked on the new Bible, has a secret enemy. Nat sees his father falsely accused as a traitor and wants to know who is doing this. Could it be another translator, jealous of Nat's father? Or is this all about the recent Catholic uprising, like the Gunpowder Plot?

With the help of Button, servant to the right-hand man of King James himself, Nat discovers his father's enemy and why this man is a fanatic. Along the way, Nat also discovers more about the Bible than he ever thought possible.

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