Kings and Queens of England - Coloring Book

Kings and Queens of England - Coloring Book

Dover Coloring Books
by John Green
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 32 pages
Price: $3.99

A royal assembly of British monarchs, spanning over 1,200 years of history, fills the pages of this exciting coloring book. Beginning with Alfred the Great (who ruled from 871-899) and ending with the reigning queen, Elizabeth II, this regal parade invites you to have fun coloring while you learn fascinating facts about thirty rulers who have played important roles in English history. In addition to the two sovereigns mentioned above, you'll also find detailed, well-researched drawings of William the Conqueror (1606-1087) setting sail from France to claim the English throne; Richard I, "the Lionheart" (1189-1199) leading Crusaders into battle; Elizabeth I (1558-1603) at the knighting of Sir Francis Drake aboard the Golden Hind; the execution of Charles I in 1649; and numerous other scenes depicting Richard III, Henry VIII, Mary I ("Bloody Mary"), Queen Victoria, King George VI, and many more.

Each monarch is shown in authentic costume, in a setting or event from his or her reign. Brief captions describe the scene illustrated. Dover Original.

Table of Contents for Kings and Queens of England

  • King Alfred the Great
  • King Canute (reigned 1016-1035)
  • King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings
  • King William I ("the Conqueror")
  • King Henry I (reigned 1100 to 1135)
  • King Henry II
  • King Richard I (the "Lionheart")
  • King John I
  • King Henry III
  • King Edward I
  • King Edward III
  • King Henry V
  • King Henry VI
  • King Richard III
  • King Henry VIII (reigned 1509 to 1547)
  • Queen Mary I (reigned 1553 to 1558)
  • Queen Elizabeth I (reigned 1558 to 1603)
  • King James I
  • King Charles I
  • King Charles II
  • King William III and Queen Mary II (reigned 1689 to 1702)
  • Queen Anne
  • King George I
  • King George III
  • King George IV
  • Queen Victoria (reigned 1837 to 1901)
  • King Edward VII (reigned 1901-1910)
  • King George V
  • King George VI (reigned 1936 to 1952)
  • Queen Elizabeth II
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