King of the Cats

King of the Cats

A Ghost Story

by Joseph Jacobs, Paul Galdone (Reteller and Illustrator)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Hardcover, 32 pages
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"Oh, I've had such an adventure," the gravedigger said to his wife and their cat, Old Tom.

He had been digging a grave that evening when he looked up and saw nine black cats coming toward him.  The cats were carrying a coffin with a small coronet of gold on top, and at every third step they all cried together, "Miaow."

"Miaow," said Old Tom.

"Yes, just like that," said the gravedigger.

Retold from a story by Joseph Jacobs and illustrated with Paul Galdon's marvelously feline pictures, King of the Cats is an entertaining blend of humor and mystery.  Its surprise ending will make young readers shudder with delight.

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