King George's Head Was Made of Lead

King George's Head Was Made of Lead

by F. N. Monjo, Margot Tomes (Illustrator)
Publisher: Coward McCann
Hardcover, 48 pages
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Statues are not supposed to tell stories, but this statue of King George III is as cantankerous and willful as the king himself (George was the kind of king who thought he could do anything he wanted to) and he has quite a story to tell.

Even after standing for years on New York City's Bowling Green right within earshot of those American colonists, even with his head made of the finest Grade A superfine lead, George's statue can't understand how if twelve royal children could obey the royal will, thirteen colonies couldn't. When George tried to pay for the war he'd fought against the French for Canada with the Stamp Tax, those Americans burned his stamps and scared off his stamp collectors. When he taxed their tea, they went and dumped it into the Atlantic. But, as George's leaden head tells it, the greatest outrage of all was yet to come, in a series of events triggered by a riotous mob of New Yorkers.

Told in the indignant, irascible voice of the statue of George III which stood in Battery Park, New York, before the Revolution, F. N. Monjo's lively, original approach offers a new perspective on the events leading to the war, which is perfectly complemented by Margot Tomes' vivid, witty drawings.

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