Kidnapped by River Rats

Kidnapped by River Rats

William & Catherine Booth

by Dave Jackson, Neta Jackson
Publisher: Bethany House
Trade Paperback, 112 pages
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It is sometime during the 1880s, and Jack and Amy have come to London searching for their uncle. On their own without money, food, or shelter, they have nowhere else to turn. But what is the chance of finding him when they don't even know where he lives?

For the two youngsters, attempting to live on the streets is frightening, dangerous, and an opportunity for the worst elements of the city to take advantage of them. London society has become uncaring, even cruel, to the needy. Where can they find safety?

When those strange Salvation Army people approach them on the street, should Jack and Amy run away? Can the General and Catherine Booth be trusted?

What hope do Jack and Amy have when ruthless men come after them?

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