Keys to Good Government

Keys to Good Government

by David Barton
Publisher: WallBuilder Press
2nd Edition, ©1994, Publisher Catalog #B03
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $4.95

This booklet contrasts the Founding Fathers' views on public policy with the current decline in honesty and integrity in government. Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster, and Fisher Ames outlined principles for successful government as a legacy for future Americans. Revisit the counsel of great men and learn how to reclaim the quality of government we once enjoyed.

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  Excellent Government Supplement
TammyA of Oregon, 7/17/2010
Many government studies focus on the what of government and how government works, but few focus on why it should work.

Keys to Good Government by David Barton focuses on the principles of good government and shows how those can only be drawn from Christian Truths.

In his presentation, David Barton examines our unique American system of government and its philosophical basis. He also contrasts our government's historical foundations and principles to recent supreme court decisions that have shaped our society today.

In that analysis, he reflects how modern thought has sought to usurp biblical principles and traditional foundation with humanistic thinking and revisionist methods.

Mr. Barton does speak quickly in the video, and covers a lot of material, and while professionaly edited and appealing, it is not a splashy video presentation (ie entertainment).

There is a companion transcript booklet which may prove helpful, especially if you would like to develop feedback questions for your student. The transcript booklet can stand alone for those who do not need the material visually presented.