Keith Robertson

Keith Robertson

Born on May 9, 1914 to a mother and a father who enjoyed traveling, Robertson entered the world in Dows, Iowa and grew up in various states in the Midwest.  An excellent student in school, Robertson understood mathematics but decided against a profession as an engineer or physicist.  What he liked to do most was read and write because books captured his attention and held it.  However, rather than encouraging his desire to be a writer, people wanted him to have a practical profession.  This led Robertson into the Navy.

For two years he lived life as a radioman on the high seas, and then he returned to land and entered the U.S. Naval Academy.  Robertson worked as a refrigeration engineer until the United States entered World War II.  Returning to active duty, Robertson spent four years as an officer on destroyers.  Wanting more than a military career after the war, Robertson resolved to find a job that involved books.  So, he began selling children's books to bookstores for a publishing firm.  In his spare time he read.  Wanting to write a children's book himself, Robertson found an idea and created Ticktock and Jim.  With this publication his writing career began.

Moving to a farm in New Jersey, raising three children, and helping his wife run a used bookstore, Robertson found plenty of inspiration for his stories.  His award-winning, fast-paced books, including the Henry Reed series and the Carson Street Detectives series, are filled with humor, adventure, and action.  Robertson also authored mystery books for adults.  Taking a pause in his writing profession to serve as president of the ceramics manufacture Bay Ridge Specialty Co. for ten years, Robertson then resumed writing in 1969 until he passed away on September 23, 1991.


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