Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics - Teaching DVD

Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics - Teaching DVD

by Robin Finley
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This is a set of instructional videos to accompany Jr. Analytical Grammar: Mechanics and are meant for those of you who would like a little more support in introducing each unit. Perhaps you feel that grammar just isn't "your thing." Maybe you have a lively family of children and would really rather hand those teaching duties to someone else. Or maybe you just like the idea of sitting down with your student and learning from the AG videos as he or she does. Whatever the reason, we think you'll find these videos instructive and enjoyable.

Both Erin Karl and Robin Finley are former middle-school classroom teachers, so they really enjoyed the opportunity to "get back in the saddle" and present these lessons, along with all the little tricks they've learned over the years, to new Analytical Grammar students.

Each segment consists of either Robin or Erin presenting the new concept. They get the student started with the first couple of sentences of an exercise and go over the answers. Next they ask the student to pause the video as he or she does the next sentence. After the pause, the instructors go over those answers. By then the student is ready to finish the unit on his or her own.

Two DVDs. Approximate running time: 129 minutes.

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