Junior Analytical Grammar - Complete Set

Junior Analytical Grammar - Complete Set

Publisher: Analytical Grammar
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Jr. Analytical Grammar is a program intended to introduce the ideas of English grammar to younger students. It is designed to be taught in an 11-week grammar "season" in either 4th or 5th grade. Created in response to parent requests for grammar materials for younger students, it covers the same material found in the first ten units of Analytical Grammar, but the exercises are shorter and the reading level is lower. It is also more "interactive" as far as the parent is concerned. Rather than the student reading notes, the "notes" are really a series of questions and activities designed to help the child understand the grammatical concepts.

The program is divided into 11 units; each takes about a week to go through. Each unit builds on the one before, so students use what they've already learned to master the next concept.

Jr. Analytical Grammar covers:

  • All the parts of speech, five sentence patterns, and parts of a sentence
  • Classic sentence diagramming

Jr. AG includes:

  • Teacher "talking points" for students
  • Plenty of exercises to practice skills
  • Tests to evaluate progress
  • Complete answer keys and useful (but brief!) teacher notes
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