Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

by Manuel Komroff
Publisher: Julian Messner
©1955, Item: 91584
Hardcover, 190 pages
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Once again Manuel Komroff proves his skill as a historian and biographer in this story of "the mightiest Roman of them all."

Born July 12, 100 B.C., a member of nobility, Julius Caesar nevertheless staked his political fortunes on a people's party and devoted himself to the problems of the poor. He dedicated his life to the ideas of liberty and justice. Through his believe in democratic principles in the reforms which he instituted, the tottering Roman empire was taken out of the hands of a corrupt ruling class and placed on a firm foundation of law, order and justice. Because of Caesar the empire flourished for two hundred years after his death.

He had a genius for military strategy and became one of Rome's greatest generals. By 60 B.C. he became the First Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus. When the Senate, induced by Pompey, voted that Caesar should disband his army or be regarded as an enemy of the state, he led his army across the Rubicon and moved against Pompey in Rome, thereby virtually spearheading civil war. Victory came to Caesar, but he had only a year in which to enjoy his triumphs, before meeting death through assassination on the Ides of March, 44 B.C.

Caesar's genius extended beyond military conquest and government. He was also a great orator and scholar. His War Commentaries is today one of our classics, and it was he who gave us our calendar. The month of July is named in his honor. 

Caesar's vision and genius paved the way towards our modern world, and long centuries of time have not dimmed his greatness.

—from the dust jacket

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