Julek Heller

Polish-born Julek Heller has lent his skill for depicting fantasy to many books, as well as film, television, and glassworks. Born in Jerusalem in 1944, Heller's family fled to England when he was three. A resident of England ever since, he attended Chelsea College of Art and the Royal Academy. Heller discovered his niche as an illustrator when he procured a job with a children's television program for the BBC in the 1970s. Since then his work has been sought for children's books, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, along with other fantasy-genre titles like King Arthur and His Knights and The Enchanted World series. A name in science fiction and history genres as well, Heller currently works and resides in London with his wife and four children.

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Minstrel in the Tower
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Historical Fiction for 1st-4th grade
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