Judges through Kings - Home Teacher Manual

Judges through Kings - Home Teacher Manual

by Emily Fischer
Publisher: Veritas Press
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 338 pages
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The Judges to Kings Homeschool Teacher's Manual is part of the Judges to Kings Bible series from Veritas Press, which includes this teacher's manual, plus the Judges to Kings Flashcards and Judges to Kings Memory CD, all of which are sold separately. This course was designed to help students understand the Scriptures and cannot be used apart from a Bible. It's recommended that each account is read in the Bible during the week.

This teacher's manual includes student projects and worksheets that align with the cards and memory CD. Fun projects include ideas like creating a coat of arms for the family of David, design a city, illustrate Proverbs, and more. Worksheets provide reinforcement for Bible passages and help students to analyze and remember what they're studying in the Bible. Tests feature short-answer questions and provide an opportunity for assessment. Answers to all assignments are included in the back (line-listed format).

Thirty-two people and events are featured for approximately one per school week; a few cards have extra projects that may take longer than a week.

Reproducible for homeschool use. Recommended for 3rd Grade, usable 2nd-6th.

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