Journey Trilogy #1
by Aaron Becker
Publisher: Candlewick Press
1st Edition, ©2013, ISBN: 9780763660536
Hardcover, 40 pages
Price: $17.99

A lonely young girl lives on the corner of a sepia-toned street in the middle of a sepia-toned city. The other kids have friends; all she has is her red scooter. Her mother is in the kitchen talking on the phone; her father sits intently at his computer; her sister is on the couch, eyes glued to her tablet. Listless and bored, the young girl sits dejectedly on her sepia-toned bed.

It's then that she notices a red marker on her bedroom floor.

With one curved line she draws a door in her bedroom wall and steps through it into a lush, green world full of magical landscapes and daring adventures. She follows intrepidly wherever this journey takes her—whether it be past a wonderful waterfall castle, over a gorgeous Arabian desert, or straight into the hands of an evil sky-emperor.

With an idea similar to that of Harold and the Purple Crayon and a whimsy reminiscent of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland comes this lush wordless Caldecott honor book from former Pixar artist Aaron Becker. The illustrations are beautiful watercolor over pen-and-ink, playing rich greens, blue, purples, and yellows against the chalky red marker. This is a book for getting lost in, one that carries its readers along just like it carries our young heroine and, like all good journeys, comes full circle at the end.

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Review by Lauren Shearer
Lauren Shearer writes words for fun and profit. She also makes films, but everyone knows you can't make a profit doing that. Her other hobby is consistently volunteering way too much of her time. You can read more of her reviews here.
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