Jonathan and Sarah

Jonathan and Sarah

An Uncommon Union

by Edna Gerstner
Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria
Trade Paperback, 242 pages
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Jonathan Edwards has long been regarded, by both secular and religious historians, as one of the finest minds America has ever produced. Numerous volumes have been written about him and his work, but few have attempted to examine the man in the context of his family life. Edwards was not only a devout preacher and evangelist, but also a devoted husband and father.

In this book (written over 30 years ago, but now being published for the first time), Edna Gerstner, using actual quotes from the diaries and journals of the Edwards family members, weaves a fascinating story of the events that took place in that family from the time of Jonathan Edwards' dismissal from the pastorate of the Northampton church, through his period of ministry to the Stockbridge Indians, and, finally, to his death one month after accepting the presidency of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). Edwards' beloved wife, Sarah, and all the Edwards children come to life in this moving tale.

This picture of the Edwards family is charming, honest, delightful, and poignant. It will be welcome reading for all who appreciate this giant of American history, and who desire a closer look into the "uncommon union" he shared with his dear Sarah.

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