John Wesley

John Wesley

by May Y. McNeer, Lynd Ward (Illustrator)
Publisher: Abingdon Press
©1951, Item: 60544
Hardcover, 92 pages
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"God's good rider" was a great little man. Undaunted by churchly critics, rude mobs, or his own slight stature, he traveled the length and breadth of England, founding the Methodist Societies which later developed into the The Methodist Church. Afoot, on horseback, or in a carriage, he carried an open book, continually adding to this enormous fund of knowledge on many subjects. He was admired for his courage and wit, respected for his scholarliness and devotion, and loved for his kindness.

As a tribute to this founder of Methodism, and to a parsonage childhood, May McNeer and Lynd Ward have created this magnificent book. In it they present, in glowing colors and flowing text, the dramatic life and times of this "horseman of the Lord" who said, "I look upon all the world as my parish."

—from the dust jacket

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