John Ploughman's Talk

John Ploughman's Talk

Or, Plain Advice for Plain People

by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Trade Paperback, 177 pages
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"In John Ploughman's Talk I have tried to talk for ploughmen and common people. Hence refined taste and dainty words have been discarded for strong old proverbial expressions and homely phrases. I have aimed my blows at the vices of many, and tried to inculcate those moral virtues without which men are degraded and miserable. Much that needs to be said to the toiling masses would not suit well the pulpit and the Sabbath; these lowly pages may teach thrift and industry all the days of the week, in the cottage and the workshop: and if some learn these lessons I shall not repent the adoption of the rustic style."
—Charles Spurgeon, from the Preface

Table of Contents:

  1. To the Idle
  2. On Religious Grumblers
  3. On the Preacher's Appearance
  4. On Good Nature and Firmness
  5. On Patience
  6. On Gossips
  7. On Seizing Opportunities
  8. On Keeping One's Eyes Open
  9. Thoughts About Thought
  10. Faults
  11. Things Not Worth Trying
  12. Debt
  13. Home
  14. Men Who Are Down
  15. Hope
  16. Spending
  17. A Good Word for Wives
  18. Men with Two Faces
  19. Hints as to Thriving
  20. Tall Talk
  21. Things I Would Not Choose
  22. Try
  23. Monuments
  24. Very Ignorant People

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