John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa

by Ann M. Lingg
1963 Printing, ©1954, Item: 86971
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"The March King" he was called, and his life spanned a period of incredible changes. As a boy of eleven he watched the victorious Union Army parade in Washington at the end of the Civil War; and he died after a concert in 1932, the year Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President. In the intervening years he was responsible for a whole new form of music—band music that could be listened to, marched to, danced to, that was whistled and sung all over the world.

He was an apprentice in the Marine Band at the age of 12, its leader at 25. He kleft it to form his own band and make for himself a career as a conductor and composer that was unique in the history of music.

Here is the story of his life, his compositions and the circumstanced surrounding their writing, his tours across the country and abroad, and his famous trip around the world. There was excitement in his life, and ambition, and the solid feeling of accomplishment. It is fitting that this biography was published on the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

—from the dust jacket

Part of the Holt, Rinehart and Winston Musical Biography Series.

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