John Knox

John Knox

Christian Biographies for Young Readers

by Simonetta Carr, Matt Abraxas (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 64 pages
Price: $18.00

From armed bodyguard to galley slave, from loving husband and father to fiery preacher, John Knox was moved by a relentless passion for the honor of God and the purity of His truth and worship. Yet when he was a schoolboy growing up in the small Scottish town of Haddington, he could never have imagined that he would become a major leader of the powerful movement that transformed Scotland into one of the most committed Protestant countries in the world.

Simonetta Carr tells the story of how this great Reformer, whose life began humbly, in a faraway, mysterious part of the world, influenced the church and its beliefs far beyond the borders of Scotland, shaping our thinking still today.


“In this clear, concise, and readable short biography, Simonetta Carr tells the dramatic story of John Knox. Setting him in the context of his troubled times, she vividly explains how he became a Protestant, a galley slave, a friend of John Calvin, an English pastor, and, finally, the leading preacher of the Scottish Reformation. This is an excellent introduction for children to the religious ideas that transformed the churches of sixteenth-century Western Europe.”
Rosalind K. Marshall, fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and author of John Knox

“This story is about my homeland and one of my fellow countrymen. Simonetta Carr’s description of John Knox doesn’t focus so much on the stereotype of a fiery Scot, but brings out more of the gentle, loving, gospel side of this strong Reformer. It was with thankfulness to God that I read about what I owe to His work through John Knox, and it is with appreciation to Simonetta, her historical accuracy, and love of the gospel that I recommend this book to families, Christians, and fellow Scots.”
Catherine Mackenzie, author of children’s and teens’ books, including John Knox: The Sharpened Sword
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Summary: The mystery pulled back from the life of the fiery Scottish Reformer whose love of God led him to the pulpit and the courts of queens.

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