John Cassidy

John Cassidy

John Cassidy is a magician and balloon sculptor whose bizarre antics have earned him widespread acclaim as one of the most original comedians performing today. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most balloon sculptures created in one hour. He broke his own record on August 29, 2002, on The Early Show, completing 494 sculptures.

Beginning his career as a magician and balloon sculptor for children's birthday parties, Cassidy began noticing that the parents were also finding his act to be especially hilarious. Convention work and college dates soon followed for this neurotically charming performer.

The world of performing magic has taken a special shine to John and he is now among the most requested acts at various conventions and seminars throughout the world. The Amazing Johnathan, in particular, has hired him as his opening act on numerous occasions. In addition, Kevin James, Mac King, and Teller of Penn & Teller have all made their own special requests for John Cassidy's blend of creative mayhem.

Further notoriety for John occurred when the Guinness Book of World Records documented him as the world's fastest balloon sculptor. Within the course of a mere sixty minutes, John both inflated and twisted 654 balloons. He has made numerous television appearances on such shows as Martha Stewart Living, The Weakest Link, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show and Live With Regis and Kelly, at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and at several venues in Las Vegas. In addition, John has also been honored to have performed at the White House for the past two years.

He currently resides in the rural outskirts of Philadelphia with his wife Jennifer, a Bernese Mountain dog named Bella, two bunnies (Samantha and Tabitha), and two doves (both named Steve).

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