John Calvin: Man of the Millennium

John Calvin: Man of the Millennium

A Family Read-Aloud Biography

by Philip Vollmer
Publisher: Vision Forum
Hardcover, 389 pages
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July 10, 2009, marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. Over time, this Genevan's life and labors shook the West and blazed a trail for liberty around the globe, making him arguably the most important man of the last millennium. Calvin's worldview spurred Huguenot freedom-fighters to resist tyranny in France; fueled evangelistic efforts to pagan tribes; and, with Knox's aid, rekindled freedom's fire among the sturdy Scots. Moreover, his influence compelled a hardy group of Pilgrims to settle at Plymouth Rock and later drove a rag-tag band of patriots to fight for American independence.

Great as a family read-aloud, this volume brings to life the pivotal moments of Calvin's life, including his sudden conversion to Christ; his unforgettable call to Geneva by William Farel; his ongoing struggle with the Libertines; and his marriage and love for his wife, Idelette. It illustrates the key elements of his theology; explains the important roles that he played as theologian, pastor, educator, and statesman; and examines the transformational impact that he had in such countries as Holland, America, and the British Isles.

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