John Calvin, Genius of Geneva

John Calvin, Genius of Geneva

A Popular Account of the Life and Times of John Calvin

Reformation Trail Series #07
by Lawrence Penning
Trade Paperback, 272 pages
Price: $19.95

Historical Setting: Switzerland, 1509-1564 A.D.

"The publishing of this book is a direct fruit of the reading and publishing of Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock, which is a great novel and gives a very good description of life in and around Geneva. However it tells little about Calvin himself. As a result I read Penning's book and was quickly convinced that both books should be published as companion editions, Alcock's book being the introduction and Penning's book the "full" story. Also today the world needs to know it's most important facts and since upon the mouth of two witnesses the truth of a matter is to be established we send out in these two books the true story of John Calvin.

"Calvin is perhaps the most important person who lived after Biblical times (seconded by Martin Luther, William of Orange, Michael de Ruyter, and William III of Orange). To know and understand how the Lord has used these people in the history of His Church and world will stir in any reader the desire to follow them in their footsteps. May the Lord use these books for the glory of His Name and the well being of His Church which especially today needs to be united in Him in order to present a clear message to the world."Roelof A. Janssen, owner, Inheritance Publications

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