Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Warrior Saint

Sterling Point Books
by Jay Williams
Trade Paperback, 126 pages
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Historical Setting: 1412-1431 A.D., France

An unlikely heroine, a country's savior, a gentle teenage shepherdess who rose up to lead the French army against the English...Joan of Arc.

Where did Joan of Arc get her incredible bravery and strength? Joan claimed that figures of saints appeared before her. They instructed her to drive the English army away from besieged Orleans and then to take Charles to Rheims to be crowned King of France. But why did hardened soldiers follow her? And how did this maiden from the countryside save her country and end a war that had lasted for a hundred years?

Jay Williams' extraordinary tale of the life and death of Joan of Arc not only provide the answers, but also reveals her intelligence, determination, and faith. From the quiet fields near the remote village where she was raised to the bloody battlefields at Orleans and Paris, we trace this remarkable young woman on a patriotic quest that would end with her death by burning at the stake.

"Many historians have described Joan as a genius. But one man, Pierre Champion, analyzed her legend differently. He wrote of Joan: 'She is entirely human—and never was humanity greater.' This is perhaps the truest of the epitaphs that have been written of her."—Jay Williams
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