Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Landmark Series
by Nancy Ross
Publisher: Random House
Mass market paperback, 152 pages
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Historical Setting: 15th Century France

According to prophecy, the country of France, "Having been lost through a woman, would be restored by a girl from Lorraine."

Joan of Arc was that girl. Born in the French province of Lorraine, Joan of Arc would go down in history as the savior of France. No one knows how Joan, a farm girl who could neither read nor write, was able to command armies and win battles. But she did all that and more. Still in her teens, Joan of Arc saw her prince safely crowned as King and her country restored to peace.

During her lifetime, Joan was called many things. Heroine. Witch. Savior. Five hundred years after her death, the Catholic Church named her a saint. Nancy Wilson Ross brings to life the fascinating true story of Joan, the peasant girl whom the world remembers as Joan of Arc.

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