Jensen's Grammar

Jensen's Grammar

by Frode Jensen
Publisher: Master Books
Consumable Workbook, 350 pages
Price: $33.00

This is a complete grammar course that teaches how to write good sentences with examples, repetition, formulas that can be applied continuously, and much, much more.


  • Jensen's Grammar Part 1
  • Jensen's Grammar Part 2
  • Jensen's Grammar Part 3

This book is designed for grades 7-12. The basic idea is to teach the student how to write good sentences with a variety of constructions using the proper punctuation for each particular construction. Some students will find it difficult if they haven't some familiarity with grammar it moves rather quickly. The first of the three sections (like the books) covers parts of speech; the second deals with the relative clause and sentence combining by addition; and the third section covers the verbals.

Includes a test/answer key booklet.

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