Jensen's Grammar - DVD Supplement

Jensen's Grammar - DVD Supplement

by Frode Jensen
Publisher: Master Books
©2001, Item: 46544
Consumable Workbook, 200 pages
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On this DVD supplement for Jensen’s Grammar, the author systematically teaches through each lesson of his book. Explanations and examples are given, some of which do not appear in the book, and on-screen charts and examples are shown to increase the educational value of the course in a visual and auditory way. Students will learn:

  • How to create, place, and punctuate relative clauses in order to write more sophisticated sentences
  • A simple procedure to reduce the number of words in a sentence to help search for subjects and verbs
  • To use a simple chart that unlocks the mystery of differentiating the major parts of speech
  • How to actually use the words and structures being taught in their own sentences
  • The fundamentals of grammar in such a way that they will not forget them and will use them effectively
  • The secrets of putting two ideas into one sentence with correct punctuation every time.

This DVD set does not replace the book, but they can replace the need for an instructor. Every lesson is covered, and it is very thorough series of lectures, with each lesson varying in length.

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