Jed Smith

Jed Smith

Trailblazer of the West

by Frank Latham
Trade Paperback, 121 pages
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Historical Setting: American West, 1820s-1831 A. D.

Here is a book which tells the story of an outstanding man who deserves to be recognized for his contributions to the opening of the West in the nineteenth century—Jed Smith.

The trailblazer known as Jed Smith was a daring explorer, a skilled trapper and fur trader, and a dedicated Christian frontiersman. As a young man, he dared to live his God-given dreams, and, as a result, blazed a trail of achievement and honor throughout much of the West. His work literally opened up major portions of the wilderness territory to settlers traveling west of the Rocky Mountains.

Few men in American history faced more intense challenges and outright danger and lived to tell about it. He was a truly courageous adventurer. Best of all, his story and Christian testimony are as amazing as they are true.

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