Janice VanCleave's Physics for Every Kid

Janice VanCleave's Physics for Every Kid

101 Easy Experiments in Motion, Heat, Light, Machines, and Sound

Janice VanCleave's Science for Every Kid Series
by Janice Pratt VanCleave
1st Edition, ©1991, ISBN: 9780471542841
Hardcover, 241 pages
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  • How do magnets work?
  • What makes a curve ball curve?
  • What keeps an airplane in the air?
  • How can a pulley make you five times stronger?

Now you can learn the answers the these and other questions about basic physics through 101 fun, safe, low-cost experiments and activities that can be performed at home or in the classroom. In this book, you'll learn about gravity from funnels that seem to defy nature by rolling up hill. Using a balloon as a power source, you'll make a fluorescent light bulb glow and learn how electrons are used to produce light. And you'll levitate a Ping-Pong ball to understand aerodynamics.

Each of the 101 experiments is broken down into its purpose, a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, expected results, and an easy to understand explanation. Every activity has been pretested and can be performed safely and inexpensively in the classroom or at home.

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