Jane on Her Own (October 2023)

Jane on Her Own (October 2023)

A Catwings Tale Book 4
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Atheneum
Perfectbound, 48 pages
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Jane is bored with life on the farm. Her siblings warn her about humans, who might cage her and take her to shows. But they don’t dampen Jane’s love of adventure, and she sets out to explore the world. Determined to find a friend in the city, she flies right into a man’s office. He is friendly and kind to Jane, but he has an ulterior motive, and begins taking Jane to a studio where she is forced to fly in front of a camera. Though Jane is on her way to becoming a TV star, she doesn’t like being stuck inside and hates being forced to fly for people. She begins to see that though her new home is nice, it is actually a gilded cage.

She also realizes that if she becomes even more famous, people might start looking for other winged cats—and that would lead them to her brothers and sisters! Once Jane realizes that she has endangered her siblings, she escapes from the man and flies to her mother, who lives with an old woman. Unlike the man, she is very kind and has no desire to make Jane famous or imprison her. Even though there’s plenty of danger, Jane decides to live in the city: there are plenty of selfish men who would like to catch her, but Jane knows that there are plenty of good people who make up for them.

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