Jamie Soles

Jamie Soles

Jamie is an artist from Alberta, Canada who has produced a number of albums, both for adults and for children. He's a solid Reformed Christian with a wonderful sense of humor, and he's also a talented musician. He has been married to Valerie since 1989, and they have eight children: Timbrel, Zion, Judah, Jewel, Jonathan, Eden, Chloe, and Joseph.

Jamie has wanted to be a recording artist since he was around thirteen. At fifteen, he wrote his first song, and has been writing ever since, with about 350 now to his name.

Once Jamie had children, he began writing songs for them. Agreeing with C. S. Lewis (although Lewis was talking about literature), Jamie believes that if an adult can't enjoy a song, it's probably not that great for kids either. His four children's albums are excellent. Combining plenty of Scripture with witty lyrics and great music (guitar based, and his family often sings with him), these are enjoyable not only for kids, but even for many adults. His albums River and Ascending are written specifically for adults.

Click on any of his CDs for audio samples of his music (MP3 format).

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