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"If a book cannot be enjoyed by a fifty-year-old, it won't make good and lasting children's literature. By the same token, if the song is unbearable for an adult to listen to, it won't be a good kids' song."—Jamie Soles

Jamie is a Canadian artist who has produced a number of albums, both for adults and for children. He's a solid Christian with a wonderful sense of humor, and he's also a talented songwriter/musician. His children's albums are excellent and his albums for adults, filled mostly with Psalms, fill a valuable niche. Combining plenty of Scripture with witty lyrics and great music (his family often sings with him), these are enjoyable for the entire family.

Kids' albums:

  • Good Advice (1997)
    A children’s album filled with great, memorable Bible and list songs, which grew out of Bible story times in the Soles household. Nothing like a song to help you remember! Built on the premise that children prefer food to fluff, Good Advice treats children like grown-ups; it does not talk down to them, or play to their natural foolishness, but rather builds on the expectation that the child will one day be an adult. These are songs to grow by.

  • Way My Story Goes (2002)
    The Bible is populated with characters familiar and obscure. Their stories are many–and Jesus said that they all speak of Him. The Way My Story Goes retells many of those stories, and thus speaks of Jesus Christ. This album introduces the popular "Bad Guys" theme, brought back in several later albums.

  • Up From Here (2003)
    Full of humor, but not silly. Sober, but with an underlying laughter which boils over quite often, Up From Here gathers together many of the Bible’s exodus themes and marches tunefully through them. A joy for both children and adults. Eli met Jamie just after he released this album, and this is the one that convinced us we should carry his music.

  • Memorials (2004)
    There are many things in Scripture spoken of as memorials, things which bring to remembrance–the rainbow, the priestly garments, memorial portions of offerings, Passover, jealousy tests, and ultimately, the Lord’s Supper. Memorials is a musical celebration of God’s faithfulness reflected in these signs of remembrance. Though it doesn't look much like one, Memorials is Eli's favorite kids' album.

  • Fun & Prophets (2007)
    He said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into His glory?” And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. (Luke 24.25-27) Most of Jamie's albums have focused on the earlier part of the OT; this one brings the prophets to life.

  • Wells (2010)
    Ever thirsty, God’s people look for wells. . .and find more than ever thought possible when the Living Water encounters them. This is another delightful album, musically friendly and thematically awesome.

  • Giants & Wanderers (2013)
    Plucking a theme from Hebrews 11, this album features a cast of characters who searched for a homeland, occasionally facing giants along the way. Hard to categorize as just a children's album, the lyrical ballad style of most songs here will appeal just as much to adults.

Adult Albums:

  • River (1998)
    An adult oriented, very listenable album, skillfully played and spiritually rich. 17 songs full of reflections on Scripture.

  • Ascending (2005)
    Three times a year all the men of Israel were required by God to go up to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices at the feast day celebrations. This was the ascent, and Psalms 120-134 were written for those times. Ascending offers renditions of these Psalms.

  • Weight of Glory (2008)
    There are hundreds of stories in the Scriptures, each with a multitude of different ways to approach them, to open them up for others to see. And yet there is truly only one story, of God's plan in Jesus to bring His world from immaturity to maturity, from childhood to adulthood. All the many and varied stories of Scripture form the shape of this plan, and you and I are a part of it. This CD explores that theme.

  • Pure Words (2009)
    First there was Ascending, a collection of the Psalms of ascent. Now, in this second album of Psalms, we go back to the beginning, as Jamie explores 15 of the first 16 Psalms.

  • Songs from the 40s, 50s, & 60s (2011)
    Building largely on the theme of deliverance that so heavily marks Psalms 42-69, these new recordings open up the pathos, the beauty, and the spirituality of these psalms. A favorite song on this album (Psalm 61) features a duet of Jamie's son Judah (now an adult) and friend Nathan Shoemaker (now a son-in-law).

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